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~ Partial Inventory ~

A Signed Portrait Miniature on Ivory of Kaiser Franz Joseph von Osterreich (1830-1916)
A finely executed hand painted portrait miniature of Kaiser Franz Joseph von Osterreich attired in Austrian Field Marshal dress, signed lower right. Mounted within a fine ormolu fillet, set in an ivory panelled frame. Dimensions, 3.25” x 2.5” (sight), frame dimensions 5. 5/8” x 4.7/8”.

A Signed Portrait Miniature on Ivory of Kaiser Franz Joseph von Osterreich (1830-1916)
A Signed Portrait Miniature on Ivory of Kaiser Franz Joseph von Osterreich (1830-1916)
A Signed Portrait Miniature on Ivory of Kaiser Franz Joseph von Osterreich (1830-1916)
A Signed Portrait Miniature on Ivory of Kaiser Franz Joseph von Osterreich (1830-1916)
A Signed Portrait Miniature on Ivory of Kaiser Franz Joseph von Osterreich (1830-1916)

A Fine & Large 19th Century Gilt Metal & Agate Snuff Box, Scottish Circa 1800
The hinged & richly gilded oval metal body embossed with thistle motifs, encasing conforming striated agate panels to both its top and base. 1” H x 2.75” W x 2.25”D


A Fine 19th Century Ivory Figure of ‘The Goose Man Fountain’, German School Circa 1880
The figure of a farmer in 18th century attire standing atop a naturalistic ground holding a brace of geese under his arms, raised overall atop a cylindrical stepped base. Overall height, 7”


A Very Fine 19th Century Gilt Brass & Silver Mounted Desk Seal
The figure of a robed warrior shown standing upon a rocky mound atop a silver clad intaglio, resting upon a shield with one hand – the other clutching a club behind his back. His shield, anklets & robe affixed with rubies. Height, 3 1/8”
Likely inspired by the Renaissance bronze by Bertoldo di Giovanni titled ‘The Shield Bearer’ presently in the Princely Collections, Liechtenstein.


‘Shah Jahan & Mumtaz Mahal’
A Fine Pair of Early 20th Century India Company School Portrait Miniatures, Circa 1900

Both set within silvered fillets mounted in their original carved ebony easel frame.
Dimensions, 1.75” high x 1.5” wide, (framed 4.5” x 5.25”)
Onsite at Glebe Showroom


A Fine 18th Century Silver Vermeil (.950 fine) Etui en Cire, France Circa 1770

Having a fine gilt wash overall and accompanied by its original embroidered silk case.


A Very Fine 19th Century Tortoiseshell Calling-Card Case by Lund of London, Circa 1840
The rectangular case having an ivory interior and a richly figured tortoiseshell exterior inlaid with remnants of sterling silver stringing, fitted with a hinged & sprung top mounted with a sterling silver monogram lozenge. The interior edge stamped with makers marks, LUND CORNHILL LONDON

Dimensions 4.25” x 3.8” x .5”

Thomas Lund first established his business in 1804 and was a well-known London maker of fine quality fitted cases & boxes. In 1814 he moved his business to 57 Cornhill and was later joined by his son William in 1835.


An Early 20th Century Onyx & Cold-Painted Bronze Vide Poche or Cendrier, Austria Circa 1920  
The variegated green onyx base fitted with a cold-painted half-bust bronze figure of Mephistopheles. Apparently unsigned, but likely from the workshop of A. Titze
Height - 3.25”, Diameter - 5.25”


An important 18th century portrait miniature on ivory of Sir Robert Murray Keith (1730-1795), Scottish general and diplomat. Mounted within a gold frame and retaining its original leather fitted case. Also, a 22kt gold and enamelled mourning ring, hallmarked London, 1795 and bearing the inscription "In Memory of A Dear Friend". Possibly worn by a member of the Hepburn family.


‘Amalie von Schintling’
A Very Fine 19th Century Biedermeier Period Portrait Miniature on Ivory.

Dimensions; 3.25” x 2.5” in the oval, set within a finely embossed gilt frame.

Amalie von Schintling (1812-1831) shown here wearing a finely embroidered gown, her head turned towards the viewer, a jewelled diadem in her hair and a string of pearls around her neck was the daughter of Major Lorenz von Schintling & Baroness Theresia von Hacke. She was one of 36 women whom King Ludwig of Bavaria had commissioned Joseph Karl Stieler (1781-1858) to paint as part of ‘The Gallery of Beauties’ - a collection that represented 36 of the most beautiful women of the time from the nobility and the middle classes of Munich.


‘The Tomb of Akbar’
An Early 20th Century India Company School Miniature on Ivory of Akbar’s Tomb, Circa 1900

Set within a silvered fillet mounted within its original carved & standing ebony frame. Dimension of miniature: 1.5” high by 1.75” wide, framed 4.75” x 3.5”.
Muhammad Akbar (1542-1605) was the 3rd Emperor of the Mogul Empire.


A Fine Early 19th Century Portrait Miniature on Ivory of a Gentleman in a Black Tunic, Executed In the Manner of Nathaniel Freese (flourished, 1794-1814), British Circa 1800

Set within a gilt metal oval locket, the reverse having a plaited-hair panel fronted by a gilded wire-work monogram within a cobalt glass surround. Bears a faint, indistinct signature above the right shoulder. Dimensions, 3” x 2.75”


An 18th Century Bilston South Staffordshire Enamel Writing Box, English Circa 1770
The enamel panels set within gilt-copper mounts, the sides decorated with undulating vinery and flower-heads, the domed & hinged top painted with figures loading linen bales & barrels next to a cache, the background showing European tall-ships at anchor in a turreted harbour. The interior fitted with segmented compartments intended for two inkwells (missing), a pounce pot (missing) and a quill tray. Height - 1.5/8", Width - 3.3/8", Depth - 2".

Provenance; Hussey's Auction House, U.K


A Fine 18th Century Enamel and Tortoiseshell Bonbonniere, French Circa 1770

The overall exterior finely enamelled in floral, foliate & geometric motifs set within embossed gilt mounts, the top lifting to reveal a figured tortoiseshell interior. Diameter - 2.5", Height - 1"


A Fine 18th Century Flemish Ivory Corpus executed in the Manner of Francois Duquesnoy. The dying Christ shown wearing a crown of thorns, his head turned upwards, a finely carved Perizonium knotted about his waist with a cord. Circa 1780. Height 10”.